VECTOR, LLC manufactures and sells the SILICON POWER mineral complex, a broad-spectrum antidote, a product for plants (fertilizer).

You can buy the silicon fertilizer at a low pricefrom VECTOR. We have an individual approach to each customer.

What is the price of SILICON POWER nano-silicon? Fertilizers price

The wholesaleprice of SILICON POWER nano-silicon product is calculated for 1 kg of the product based on the required amount and the delivery region on a contractual basis. To get a quotation taking into account the required amount and the delivery point, and to buy the fertilizer, please, send a request letter to or or fill in the feedback form on the website, indicating all required details.


For wholesale customers, the price for 1 kg of the product is 120 us dollars/kg, VAT not included.

Wholesale purchase of the SILICON POWER nano-silicon mineral complex means purchase of the product in an amount of 60 kilograms or more.

The cost of delivery is included in the product price only if ordering 60 kg or more. When buying less than 60 kg, the Customer shall pay the shipping company for delivery on its own upon delivery (receipt) or, at the Customer’s request, shipping costs may be included in the invoice for the fertilizer.

Individual pricing is possible for a one-time purchase of at least 1 ton.

SILICON POWER is sold in cans of 1 liter (1.5 kg) or 3 liters (4.5 kg). We can dispense the product into different containers at the Customer’s request.

 You can buy a sample not only by bank transfer, but also purchase SILICON POWER online on our website, and we will send the purchased goods to your address using a shipping company. The Customer pays for the delivery services when buying less than 60 kg upon receipt of the products purchased.

If you wish to buy fertilizers for plants, your best bet is to buy SILICON POWER nano-silicon. You can buy individual fertilizers for potatoes, for vegetables, and for the garden, but if you buy SILICON POWER, it is equally suitable for all crops. You can buy micronutrient fertilizers or plant activators; however, it would be most appropriate to buy the SILICON POWER fertilizer as, due to its properties and effects on plants, it combines all the above in terms of performance. Tobuy the SILICON POWER nano-silicon mineral complex, you can place an order by email: or or use the feedback form on the website.

Следите за проводимыми акциями, во время их проведения цена на антидот «СИЛА КРЕМНИЯ» может быть снижена.

YOU CAN BE OUR PARTNER!!! In order to jointly sale the SILICON POWER fertilizer. If you are an individual, an individual entrepreneur, or a company wishing to expand your field of activity, you have hit the target!!! We propose you to become a dealer in your region. Dealer prices will give you the opportunity to make good money. The only condition for such pricing is the minimum required sales volume per month.

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