The SILICON POWER mineral complex is a broad-spectrum antidote (on the basis of nano-silicon, a nano-powder consisting of active silicon nanoparticles in a free, unbound form, as well as nanoparticles of iron, copper, zinc, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and other trace elements necessary for the plant development).

Silicon is an element of life; the growth and development of no organism in nature is possible without it; hence the question of how it can be used in agriculture. Nanotechnology helped create a product based on active silicon: the SILICON POWER mineral complex (a mix of mineral components based on active silicon, nano-silicon in a free, unbound form). SILICON POWER is a new type of modern fertilizer, a broad-spectrum antidote that helps crops to better absorb trace elements and be more resistant to diseases and parasites. SILICON POWERis a fertilizer of the future, a fertilizer of the 21st Silicon fertilizers significantly help increase crop yields, while restoring soil fertility. Silicon fertilizers (silicon-based fertilizers) have been used for many years in other countries, whereas the properties of silicon, its effect on any living organism have long been known. For instance, silicon was used to cover the bottom and inner surface of wells, since it was noticed that people who drink water from such wells were less likely to get sick, and such water was unusually clear, tasty, and healthy.

In Japan, silicon-based fertilizershave been officially entered in the register of mineral fertilizers since 1955. World experience shows that silicon fertilizers for plants take increasingly leading positions in modern agriculture. Silicon fertilizers are also popular in the USA and Canada, in China and Australia. Our SILICON POWER product stands out against other foreign-made silicon-based fertilizers. Foreign-made fertilizer counterparts consist of various silicon compounds, whereas our mineral complex is based on pure, unbound silicon, consisting of active crystalline silicon nanoparticles (nano-silicon), that are the basis of the product (50 to 60 % content). Other minerals, that make up the SILICON POWER mineral complex composition, are also contained in the product in the form of pure element nanoparticles. Our SILICON POWER Antidot must absolutely be used in agriculture, if you wish to have an environmentally friendly and rich crop yield and high-quality products with an excellent appearance and a long shelf life. SILICON POWER is an excellent plant fertilizer.

SILICON POWER is a mix of nano-powders of silicon (nano-silicon), iron, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, sulfur,and other elements in a polyethylene glycol medium to prevent oxidation processes. (Polyethylene glycol is a safe food supplement used to produce toothpastes, body cosmetics, etc.). The active silicon content in the product is 50 to 60%. Silicon particles in the product are nano-size and, therefore, easily absorbed by plants at the cellular level. The NANO-SILICON particle size is from 0.005 μm. The SILICON POWER fertilizer contains nothing besides the above composition and; therefore, it is an environmentally friendly fertilizer. SILICON nanoparticles that are not absorbed by plants, as well as the amount of the product that did not get on plants during application, will just turn into common sand after a short period of time, due to oxidation by oxygen and water.

ADVANTAGES of the SILICON POWER Mineral Complex:

– SILICON POWER has a general strengthening effect and improves the immune system of plants;
– SILICON POWER increases the resistance to extreme weather conditions, especially to drought;
– SILICON POWER relieves the stress caused by pesticide treatment.
– When combined with mineral fertilizers, SILICON POWER significantly improves the fertilizer efficiency. It is fully compatible with all types of fertilizers and chemical plant protection products soluble in water. Silicon is essential for any plant to improve the intake of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
– SILICON POWER activates growth processes, strengthens the root system, improves fruit formation, and acts as a plant growth activator.
– The product improves the product quality and marketability, increases the shelf life of harvested crops.
– The product prevents accumulating nitrates and heavy metals, promotes their excretion.
– SILICON POWER increases the crop germination.
– SILICON POWER enhances the protective functions of plants, also acting as a plant production product.

Optimizing the silicon plant nutrition increases the photosynthetic activity. Silicon, along with phosphorus, is the basis of energy-rich compounds that enhance the bioenergetics of siliciphilous plants. Molecular effects are supplemented by the SILICON effect on the mechanical strength of tissues, which prevents plant lodging. The product gives a particularly good result in extreme weather conditions and provides an excellent protection against drought. The SILICON POWER Antidot can stimulate the natural response of plants to various stresses. Due to a high content of active silicon, the SILICON POWER mineral complex contributes to the resistance of plants (especially rice and potatoes) to physiological diseases arising from the combined effects of fungicides, pesticides, hydrogen sulfide, anaerobiosis, and pathogens causing fungal diseases.

Using SILICON POWER for plants accelerates the seed germination, shortens the plant vegetative cycle, significantly increases the crop yields, improves the product quality, extends the product shelf life, enhances the plant resistance to adverse growing conditions, which is especially important for risky farming regions. The product helps bring back to life plants affected by frosts, but it is especially effective against frost after pre-treatment.

With SILICON POWER, the yield of vegetables increases by 20 to 50 %, cereals, by 30 to 70 %, potatoes, by 50 to 100 %, fruit and berries, by 50 to 100 %. It improves the product appearance and taste while significantly extending the shelf life.

The fertilizer has been successfully applied by a large number of farmers and other agricultural businesses. Having tried it once, farmers order our product again, as such a result needs no comment.

Excellent practical results when using the SILICON POWER mineral mixes were achieved with virtually all crops, but a particularly good performance can be noted on cereals, rice, potatoes, flax, almost all fruit and berries.

The product is gaining popularity in all Russian regions: it is used in the Kaliningrad Region and in the southern regions of our country, in the Central Russia and in Siberia. Note that the best results were obtained in areas with extreme weather conditions and in other regions where seasonal climatic anomalies were recorded.


The SILICON POWER brand and other silicon fertilizers are becoming popular and, unfortunately, many vendors try to sell their product as consisting of silicon nano-particles, despite the fact that, at best, they sell silica (silicon dioxide). Please check the composition with the seller. Our product is a mix of mineral components based on active silicon, containing silicon in a free active form (rather than silica (silicon dioxide)), containing no chemical compounds, with an active silicon content of at least 50 %.

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