The Russian academician V.I. Vernadsky, the founder of biogeochemistry, a scientist who made the most significant contribution to the study of ecology and its impact on the biosphere, proved that no living organism can exist on Earth without silicon and told us about the effect of silicon on plants. All living organisms that inhabit our planet do not exist independently; they depend on the environment and experience its effects. Silicon is the second most important element after oxygen on Earth. One can say a lot about the effect of silicon on plants. No living organism can do without silicon. In humans, the silicon content determines the condition of connective and bone tissues, that of the cardiovascular and nervous systems; many processes in the body occur involving silicon.

More than 70 elements are not absorbed in the human body if it lacks silicon. Silicon is necessary for absorbing calcium and other elements. Similarly, the development of any plant depends on silicon.New technology, that has been rapidly developing in recent years, helped us to develop a brand-new product with unique properties: NANO-SILICON, which is a nano-powder, a mix of mineral components based on active silicon in a free, unbound form with addition of other elements that are vital for plant development. SILICON POWER is a KNOW-HOW in agriculture. SILICON POWER is a product based not on chemical compounds of silicon, but on particles of pure silicon (nano-silicon) in a free, unbound form, whereas the nano-size of particles allow them to easily penetrate into the plant DNA membrane and to participate in processes at the cellular level as a building material for tissues, activating and strengthening all the vital processes that shall occur during the plant development.

In the 21st century, when the ecological situation on the planet is constantly deteriorating and natural disasters are becoming more frequent, organic food production is at stake; therefore, using a new type of fertilizer is imperative. The most progressive farmers and agricultural businesses, due to their advanced agronomists who strive to keep up with the times, already widely use silicon fertilizers and are very satisfied with the results. NANO-SILICON, a mix of mineral components based on active silicon that our Vector company sold recently (old name), is a well-proved product providing not only for a significant increase in crop yields, but also for an improved product quality. A great positive effect from the product is especially evident in plants in stressful conditions. SILICON POWER is an environmentally friendly fertilizer, free of nitrates, pesticides, and GMOs. It promotes elimination of radionuclides. SILICON POWER is fully compatible with all water-soluble mineral fertilizers and chemical protection products.Due to the fact that the SILICON POWER Antidot significantly strengthens the immune system of plants and stimulates all life processes, plants better absorb mineral supplements, and the cost-effectiveness of using our silicon-based mineral complex is that, when combined with previously applied mineral fertilizers, the amount of the latter can be reduced by 20 to 30 %. In addition, the SILICON POWER mineral complex acts both as a growth activator and a plant protection product.

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