Treatment with SILICON POWER is carried out in two principal ways: pre-sowing seed treatment (dressing) and applying the product directly to the plant by common spraying using traditional methods.

Seed dressing on an industrial scale is conveniently combined with applying agricultural chemical products used at the farm; the product is neutral to other water-soluble products. The amount of product required for loading into the dressing machine depends on the device performance and the consumption rate for plants per 1 ha.

  1. Similarly, depending on the SILICON POWERdosage rate for a crop and the used devices, the proportions of the spray solution shall be calculated. When you spray the product using the industrial method in fields, gardens, etc., then, when calculating the product amount, it is important to understand that essential is not the solution concentration in the working tank, but the number of hectares treated from one tank; e.g., a sprayer, after using its entire capacity, treats 10 hectares. If the product dosage rate is 50 grams per hectare, add respectively 0.5 kg of previously diluted product to the sprayer’s main tank. If it is 100 grams per hectare, add 1 kg of the product. The greatest effect from applying the SILICON POWER antidote was recorded when combining pre-sowing seed treatment with spraying it on crops.Download the instructions for use of the SILICON POWER mineral complex with dosage rates for different crops.
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