How to use

There are two main methods to use SILICON POWER. These are preplant treatment (seed dressing) and application directly to the plant by spraying using standard methods. Seeds are traditionally treated on an industrial scale in combination with agrochemical products used at the enterprise, the product is neutral to other water-soluble agents. The amount of the chemical product to be fed into the dresser depends on the machine performance and the application rate for a plant per 1 ha.

Similarly, the proportions of the pollination solution are calculated depending on the rate of use of SILICON POWER for a particular crop and the mechanisms used. In case of spraying in fields, gardens, etc. on an industrial scale, when calculating the amount of the drug, the concentration of the solution in the working tank does not matter. But the number of hectares processed from one tank is important, for example, a sprayer processes 10 hectares having used its entire volume.

Accordingly, if the product application rate is 50 grams per hectare, then 0.5 kg of the pre-diluted product should be added to the main sprayer tank. In case of 100 grams per ha, 1 kg of the product should be added. The greatest effect after the application of SILICON POWER antidote has been observed when combining preplant treatment and spraying crops.

Instructions for use

Download Mineral Complex SILICON POWER instructions for use with application rates for different crops. This chemical product is intended for preplant treatment of seeds and planting stock, additional fertilization during the growing season to accelerate seed germination and plant growth, increase crop yields, improve the quality and appearance of flowers and decorative crops and plant resistance to adverse natural growing conditions.


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