SILICON POWER is a mineral complex based on silicon microparticles (50 to 60% of nano-silicon); you can order some other composition of trace elements tailored for your farming conditions.


SILICON POWER contributes to the organism’s resistance to extreme conditions, which is expressed in the epidermal tissue thickening.


SILICON POWER accelerates the root system growth and development, strengthens stalks, accelerates and increases the fruit production.


SILICON POWER prevents absorbing toxins and promotes absorbing mineral fertilizers. You can reduce your costs for fertilizers by 30 percent.


SILICON POWER reduces the harmful effects of high temperatures, makes plants more resistant to drought, and increases the plant livability.

SILICON POWER means not only a good yield and your benefits, but also a contribution to the food security of our country. The production of the SILICON POWER mineral complex is not even an import substitution; it is production of a brand-new fertilizer in Russia having no analogue worldwide. In addition, Vector offers you a product featuring not only a basic set of trace elements, but also an opportunity to purchase a formula that is totally tailored for your individual farming conditions; that is, rich in trace elements for plants that lack in your region.